Keeping things simple

In today’s global market it is essential to explain things clearly. People who don’t understand your message are not likely to buy from you.

Written communications should be accurate, brief and clear. No weasel words, and jargon only where it’s appropriate. That does not mean that business writing has to lack character, or even passion.

Three things are critical: a flair for language; the ability to think logically and explain clearly; and a good understanding of the subject, especially when it is technical. We score on all three.

We handle most technical subjects, with process engineering and energy as our core disciplines.

We can create new material or edit existing documents. We are very good at improving text written by people whose first language is not English. We value case studies and concrete examples, and our quotes sound as if they come from real people, not corporate robots.

We deliver anything from Word documents to complete page layouts, advertisements, presentations, websites and databases.

For short deadlines and tight budgets we also offer photography and technical diagrams. For more complex jobs we work with partners who specialise in page layout and web design.